Jan 22

Ultimate Budget & Finance Document Automation

Android is nowadays useful device for Budget, Accounting and Ledger Documentation. With about 80% market share Android is now a very handy device for managing a budget.
More than Envelope Budgeting Flowzr provide you the ultimate finance document automation. Taking pictures of your bill and receipts, replace your scanner.
Flowzr is the better choice for businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants for financial documents””even better equipped than the newest offering from Google: Google Drive.
Powered on top of an Open source Android application Flowzr offer you to integrate your expense tracking with the power of Camera. Take a picture of receipts, invoices, or any accounting documentation and that’s it you’ve got it organised with your expense tracking and budgeting tool on your Google Drive.
More than the budgeting solution, attach your financial documentation is as simple as taking a picture.
* A misunderstanding will claim that if you publish your finance documentation on Google Drive the terms of use give the property of the service to do what it want (you ‘ll read that on weak websites), the right include to publish it again in any way: you granted them.
In fact it’s just a way to say you can’t sue them to have sent your accounting documentation on the web. In fact, there is a clear, fair and strong privacy policy to read that give you more explanation, but if your financial documentation is on Google Drive, it’s exactly the same rules that if you have had your budget in your mail account.
Your budget is strongly protected on the behalf of Google Accounts.
It’s the point the more you keep your mail password secret, the more you’re secured : Be careful never give you pin code, or bank password to any software for setting a budget !
Bank connector are actually hub that offer you to grab data from you bank website to archive your financial transactions, track expense, in order to set a budget.
Flowzr offer you to collect the picture of you’re receipts and invoice in a folder of you’r Google Drive account + the expense tracking and budgeting. While you don’t have yet a client application for grabbing data, just use csv import if you wan’t to reconcile against two accounts, or writes expenses before they comes in-bank.
This is a new feature and we have few equivalent. Please send us a comment through the Android application available atFlowzrthat now let you organize receipts and statements.
Android app is an easy way to get this important information in one place. manage all of your financial records. Take pictures of your receipts. Type notes to your bookkeeper or accountant. Search, browse, and annotate your finance and budget documents. Send us a comment on the Android Store !


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