Dec 15

Financial Planner Marketing Plan Mistakes

Does your marketing plan include a system, or a list of tactics?

What’s the difference and which is better?

Well, a marketing plan that is based on tactics it will look something like this:

Common Marketing Plan

Build relationships with local accounting firms to gain referrals
Ask for client referrals
Run a seminar on wealth building
Build website
Hire an search engine expert to get on page 1 of Google
Build a Facebook page for business
Start a Blog and regular blog posts
Launch Google AdWords advertising
Blah, blah, blah

Unfortunately, if that’s all you’ve got in your marketing plan then it’s destine to FAIL.

Worse than that, you’ll waste all your marketing budget without receiving any return on investment.

The truth is – many of those marketing tactics could deliver a steady stream of new clients into your financial planning business. We use several of those tactics with clients.

They only work when implemented as part of a complete marketing system.

The good news is – most advisers think these tactics don’t work, because they don’t have the whole system in place (which mean a lot less competition for us who know how to make them work)…

A Marketing System

A marketing system is a step-by-step road-map of how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

A good system will include things like:

Identifying your areas of expertise and target market
Steps to define your perfect clients – understanding their fears, frustrations & motivators for action
A unique offer, CVP and advice packages that eliminate your clients fears and targets their motivators
Automated marketing funnels to attract your perfect client A process for converting prospects into clients
A process for converting clients into raving fans
Automation where possible
Data collection so you can test, track and tweak your results

The BIG difference is that a marketing system will include some tactics, whereas marketing tactics never include a system.

“It’s like a financial planning client who wants a ‘share portfolio’ (the tactic) and needs a strategy to grow and protect their wealth (the system).”

When you’ve implemented your marketing system – the right tactics will start working. Then, you can launch your marketing tactics, with a unique advice offer and a clear CVP. People will know exactly who you can help (and who you can’t). You’ll have marketing funnels that makes it easy for prospects to find you and a process for converting those prospects into clients.

So you can keep wasting your money with tactics, or get the inside track with a Marketing System.


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