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Certificate In Financial Analysis And Valuation

ICFMP is the short term certificated courses finance, guided by professional and experienced trainer in Delhi. Intelivisto certified financial market course introduces financial markets in a global setting and provide a strong perspective of the various products, their practical applications. Students can also gain deeply knowledge of the current state of markets as well as gaining the necessary skills to read and understand the market segments. This program is designed for wide range of service industry ranging from Banks, Broking Houses and Research & Analysis Firms. Number of candidates has been certified from these courses and they are doing excellent job with big packages.

Major topics of Financial Markets courses
First of all for this course, you have to study about basic framework of financial market. Global & Domestic Economies, Indian Financial System, Different Markets & Instruments, Reforms in Indian Financial Markets, Primary & Secondary Markets are the fundamentals topics of the framework of financial market.

Primary and secondary markets
There are two types of stock markets that are primary stock markets and secondary stock markets. When the shared are issued for the first time is called primary and secondary market is the stock market where existing stocks are bought and sold by the retail investors through the brokers. Equity market is also called the stock market in which shares are traded and issued on exchanges. Indian stock markets can be divided into further categories depending on various aspects like the mode of operation and the diversification in services.

Indian Financial System and different Markets & instruments
The financial system of any country consists of financial market, financial intermediation and financial products. The organized and non organized financial systems are presented in India. Equity, derivatives, foreign exchange, money market are market instruments.

Major topics of Market Segments
The major topics are covered in the market segments like Equity Market (Primary Market & Secondary Market), Derivatives Market (F & O Market), Commodity Market, Currency (Forex) Market.

Equity market
Equity market or stock market provides companies with access to capital and allows investors to own companies and contribute in economic growth.
Derivatives Markets
This is the economic market that deals with the trading of derivatives. It is based on another market which is known as underlying market.
Commodity and Forex Market
Commodity market is the exchange where the raw goods are traded. It has lower liquidity & leverage. A market for trading and currencies is called Forex market.
These are the very short descriptions of our courses. To get a Certification in financial markets is not an easy task but if you will take global training with short term courses then it will be simple. We are the top & excellent provider of short term courses in Delhi. Our short term finance course materials are also available online. Interested candidate can easily purchase our products through online payment.


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