Jun 14

Accountancy Candidate Recruitment Key To Effective Financial Management

Indeed, managing its accounts and finances is of the crucial importance for any organisation irrespective of its nature and size. And this is where the Accountancy Candidate Recruitment becomes indispensable for an organisation. The Accountant takes care of the accounting system of the organization and enables it to have effective financial management which is one of the prerequisites for the overall development of an organisation. This write-up focuses on an accountants core responsibilities making it vital for any organisation to opt for Accountancy Candidate Recruitment.

Core Responsibilities Of An Accountant:

Contributes in the development and implementation of the organisations accounting system in compliance with the established accounting principles and auditing procedures.

Prepares and supervises categorical program reports and grants to lessen the agency disallowances.

Examines the categorical program and grant expenditures for conformity with the district policy so as to ensure the acceptance of reports.

Checks the categorical reports and grants for appropriateness of expenses to enable the auditing procedures

Supports in the preparation of yearly district budget for categorical programs and grants to ensure that the expenses are balanced to the revenues.

Prepares monetary year-end concluding entries so as to facilitate clean audit.

Arranges and interprets the reports related to grant expenses to the district program managers in charge.

Interprets accounting policies and set of laws from the Local and Federal agencies.

Serves as link to the granting agencies and district departments to obtain and provide constant information regarding the regulations.

Arranges financial statements and reports, and studies them to provide chronological information, exact fiscal projections and reports, etc.

Manages the record of financial transactions such as deposits, journals, transfers, etc. and verifies and posts the closing entries in the end of the fiscal year for preparing the yearly financial accounts for reporting and auditing purposes.

Analyses and interprets the investment activity; assigns dividends, interest, losses, gains, fees, and beneficiary payments; for preparing yearly financial statements.

Evidently, an accountant has a crucial role in an organisation. Thus the selection of an accountant must be done carefully and if needed professional assistance of a recruitment agency should be taken.

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